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my comment on the 360 Product Blog

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my comment on the 360 Product Blog

I would like an option to order fast food on the blog page. LOL

Did you check skype? I want yahoo web messenger on the page to (in flash) but it should just operate like a remote control for the normal client.

Make it so that I can say "hi" to the 2 visitors of my blog who have this "enabled".

George Bush has entered your blog
George Bush posted a comment on
A new yahoo! 360 message from George Bush

So that I can say: Yo George!!

Get it? That would create an environment we could talk in. Did I mention Skype is doing this?

Then add a tab to the chat for me to oder fast food! Stop being cheap, I'm hungry! LOL

google talk, google sidebar, google video player, firefox toolbar, yahoo embed chat firefox extension ?????? To innovative again? :(

Just imagine what I could come up with if I had something to eat! hahaha


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