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RE: Yahoo! 360° News
Mah, the sad part is that the size of yahoo is preventing 360 from being original (read cool)

I once thought Blogger was leaving the uses in the dark with this much html to manage. Frankly it looked a bit old school in todays days of content management. But I was wrong, the users have a thousand times more knowledge of HTML as the whole Blogger team put together and they have close to a million times more time to do so.

I have loads of ideas for blogs and sorting them is my specialty, I signed up for this service to see what ideas yahoo has and how hard it is to build them.

The rss feeds was a bad idea because it takes a HUGE amount of time compared to simple things.

Could you at least give us our BLO.GS block for fuck sake? Takes 1 menu option on/off and a box to insert the javascript.

But this feature vacuum was inspiring to! The same request was repeated in new wording and it evolved into.

"give us a sandbox to play in"

I imagine your silent reply would be "do you know what it costs???"

But why don't you guys have others pay to supply us with cool features?

Lets have an example:

I think a link named "satellite" would look cool on the blog. A nice adds free map should appear showing where I live.

Now, I do not care if google, yahoo, MS terraserver, mapquest or even (much more worthy if you ask me)

So the real question is: who will pay most to have their map here? And if yahoo loco ever discovers Europe you can put the yahoo map thumb above the satellite thumb. (Like you put the inferior yahoo photo above flickr)

This is an example the idea has nothing todo with maps. lets have another example?:

But! The Blogger profile supports AIM, MSN, ICQ and yahoo messenger not google talk. Lots of us want a Skype "call me now" button on the yahoo blog and that should not have to happen cheap.

more examples?:

I think some firm would pay big to supply us with a dynamic smile set. I must have seen that banner 500 times now so I wont post a link. lol

ok, you probably have no idea what I mean but trust it to be one amusing post to those who do. And my real ideas to be to worthy to dump in a comment box at no charge with no reply whaat so eveah. lolzzz

- with greetings