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yahoo marketing analisias


Ok, you can't claim I didn't have a look so my opinion of the yahoo services is as good as that of any user. Compared to any user - developers have no idea what their creation looks like. Any user has a better picture of how a service looks because developers only remember why it looks that way as they look at it. They have no idea how easy the interface operates because they knew how it worked long before it even existed.  So I guess my picture is a thousand times as clear and the same as urs. Image
Yahoo is like a heap of services with little heaps of features. Most of the big heaps are not even worth looking at but some are made of piles and piles of nice little heaps.

I specially love the huge Flickr heap with it's huge heaps of pictures and the option to create a heap of your own. Most of it's trash and all of it's treasure. hehehe

The messenger heap with the heaps of contacts. Real people! Would be hard for yahoo to screw up, they almost did anyway ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage lovely faces, now get em out of my office! But the people are the same so it's one fun heap.

yahoo does stuff with news heaps to, a bit excessive feature for the web but heck they are good at this thing, actually earned attention with being cool not just putting the word out very loudly.

Now how did they wrap this (only) 3 cool things? Do they interact seamlessly?

  1. Where is yahoo chat?
  2. Where is the latest news?
Yahoo chat:
  1. Where is the link to my yahoo contacts flickr pages?
  2. Why cant I start their slideshows?
  3. Why isn't there a Flickr messenger by yahoo jet?
Yahoo news:
  1. Not using Flickr?
  2. No chatroom for each article? it yourself then?... yes good point..... I did think of that.....