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Gaby de Wilde

I've been posting images in my blog about Enkhuizen and little sub photo blogs with pictures of Enkhuizen about the Westerstraat,Kaasmarkt,Venedie,Breedstraat,Vest,Zuiderhavendijk,Wilhelmina Plantsoen,IJsbaan,Kuipersdijk,Dijk, Snouck van Loosen Park,Enkhuizerzand,Restaurants,hotels,musea,monuments,grillrooms
Made a few jokes like with a moustache,ur daily yahoo 360 digest,Gaby's supper blog,googlebrowser,googlefox
Played around a bit with the Yahoo! 360° Blog you know as tricks, tips, tutorials, pictures and words but this really has no main subject other then myself.

So I made Ping y0ur bl0g and all about site meters. But those subjects are really narow a bit like the googlebrowser.

So I thought I make a new blog Image in the trend of tech blogs as we know em.

To the point instructions for web services I find interesting.