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How small are the odds to exist?

I was looking at the NASA space maps and images and it struck me on how much of those body's our life depends. If Jupiter was to blow up we will not live. But it doesn't need to be something that big, a small stone is enough to erase mankind for good. It doesn't even need to hit anything,i if it just disturbs our track around the sun a little we are sure to die. (as a species)

In the old days we had the plague kill just as fast as people could travel. People that already had the disease ran away from the area anyway just to be sure (them self's) and infected (all) others.  The tsunami showed us how much more dangerous a disaster can become. It doesn't affect the area at all, it affects all of us. We could all die from the smallest epidemic and that could happen in 1 day.

People are still dieing as a result of Katrina. It's astonishing to see how easy this escalated in the us of all places.    Funds are being razed but we all know money is not the problem here. It's our lack of organisation. We need to get the victims out of there as they are not infected with anything jet. It looks local but it's isn't.  It doesn't take a lot more to escalate into a global danger. Just like we could go extinct a few seconds after a meteor strikes earth, a disease could take us in a single day.

Looting mobs driven by lack of care. They don't stop for anything or anyone. All we can do is take care in time.


- Take care