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More and more feedback

I guess yahoo would not be yahoo if  the team didn't try to create a social network.

I think it would be nice if we had more stuff for the contact list.

For example, I hate having to look for who is who on each services. If I see one of my messenger contacts on flickr the groups or 360 I do not know I know this person. If I see one of my 360 contacts on flickr the groups or messenger I do not know if I know this person. If I see one of my yahoo group contacts on flickr, messenger or 360 I cant really know I know this person. If I see one of my flickr contacts on messenger the groups or 360 I do not know who it is! I have no idea who they are, have to get to know some one more as one time. I think it's wrong to suggest a user should use different names for each service, it should absolutely be an option but it should not be the preferred setting.

 I would like some buttons on the Y!360 profile with:

"add to flickr contacts"
"join this group".
"add to messenger list"
"put in address book"
a link to the flickr contact page on the friends page.

Make all feeds submitted by a user discoverable on the profile pages AND offer an ompl.
We need/want to grab all feeds in one go.

This includes the group feeds btw.

Now to make a real mess of things you could make all feeds by each user discoverable on all friends pages. An invisible link does not create server load. We have no tags or catagorrys making us depend on aggregators search engine bots and scrappers more as we should.

I've made this by text-replacing part of the url on my friends friends pages.

It works really well, I already know it is a usefull feature to make. It's known to work and tested sage discovers all of em. But I want the feeds from group and flickr entogiasts to! And I don't want to visit 500 pages to do this.

The flickr badge on the profile is nice but I hate how it's pushing my contacts below the visual part of the page. I would prefer an option to have something like this.
Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
Add a flickr link  "add to contacts"  and a group link "yoin tihs group"

I don't need to view my contacts pictures to add them to my contacts, and I don't need to visit a group to know I want to join it.

Then we can do stuff on the top page  other then get away from it. Image

(I was lazy will finish it later - maybe not)