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Time for the US to become a democracy

The rest of the world is always in shock during the us presidential lottery. Michael More had some good points going but does to much Bush bashing if you ask me. The core isn't Bush it's Americans not caring enough who is their president. I would burn down the whole county if elections worked like that here.  You guy's sit back and relax to much.

Please stop freaking us out by electing some complete moron best of 2, get some people on the list. And ask questions as soon as they disappear. PLEASE DO THAT. If John Doe  can't run for president you do not live in a Democracy.  The victims of the flood are locked up in prison camps and the people who come to help are not allowed in the area.

How the f* can anyone help then?

I think Bush has one real  chance at being the best president ever, thats by creating a  democracy. He more as proved to be incapable but that doesn't mean Kerry is a god now. It doesn't mean we can blame everything on Bush now.

Who you think is right for the job can never get it.  Not one American can pick what he likes. Is this acceptable to any or all of you?

If  I don't make sense trying to explain this it's my failure not that of George Bush.

If you think I'm waisting my time, your a nihilist that just learned something.