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Scan blog post and auto-tag em

The new avatars are funny but what are they for?

I was thinking over "way's to tag" (again).

What if a new post would be scanned for keywords (like Y!Q does) then lets say the top 10 keywords would result in a search true the old posts, the new post is then tagged with 3 or 4 of the most occurring keywords. Can take it a step further as a technorati. Make the tag links point at a page that looks just like the blog only with 5 posts bearing the keyword. For as far as I know there is no free blog service that will properly add tags for you. I imagine it's easy to generate em from our posts with the Y!Q tech. Just try to avoid adding to much tags.

 I'm far to lazy to add those things by hand but I do think it would really put our blogs on the map. Yahoo would really want other search engines directorys and web indexes to list our posts. I think it will result in big amusement if yahoo would properly meta tag title and <h1> & <h2> & <h3> header each of our blog posts with the subject of the content. This page here is not "- my blog -" You know optimize it for indexing?? That would be wild.

Because this is a yahoo website (I only manage one sub page of it) I think it's your responsibility to have the whole website indexed as well as you can. The tags as described above will do this and are within what I would call "push button publishing. Top indexing could make a yahoo 360 blog a thing everyone should have, like a flickr account. Image
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