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Blogger: Explore yahoo 360 blogs - Can I say whaooouhW?

Wow, Blogger has all published blogs show up on their front page! Image

Or how about: Search blogs from all over the web ???
 yahoo 360 had it's moments, right? Subscribe to search with (2) Atom  or (2) RSS one with 10 results and one with 100. Didn't yahoo do rss for search? I/you/we/users - can expand the search options but it has a real working Advanced SearchNow it gets really ILL if you start finding the really new of your own postings.

Look google talks !!

search.blogger > >  gaby de wilde
That was a great idea from missy, it looks just like google build it over night. It doesn't have those !important avatars but missy is result NR 1 for "yahoo 360" ha-ha-ha  And yahoo 360 has me behave like a 5 year old over the lack of index. pffff

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