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Tagger: First Public Comment and use of AJAX Tagger

First Public Comment and use of AJAX Tagger External Link: I just recieved a nice email from Gaby de Wilde, this is the first person who I don't know directly who has used my AJAX Tagger. He even gave me a link on his site.

Thanks!! I have taken the feedback and will add some of your suggestions to my requirements for the next version.

Anyway, take a trip over to his blog to see my tags in action.

If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate feedback.

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Tagger: First Public Comment and use of AJAX Tagger
As I was playing with I (of course) ended up looking for the stuff I wrote myself. Because I already knew what content my own posts had I started reading stuff others wrote on the topic. (thats what the blog search thing is for isn't it?)

It struck me as strange how "auto tag" is a rare topic. Lots of people have blogs but even more are trying to read em. Honestly! there is over a thousand postings out there that you would love to read but just can not find.

But if you want to argue the 100 000 publications per minute contain nothing interesting I won't mind insulting you a bit here.  It's a 2 way prosses, I can only forge a post that is so interesting the rest of the joy is made by the reader (you!).  You can blame anything on the lack of interesting posts there are billions! No, it has to be lack of interest.

It looks to me as if the author of above tag app and blog was mainly interested in offering his readers something related to read. It's kind of amusing compared to me looking for ways to get more people in here.

I think the most ideal blog visitor is the one that did a search for the exact topic your post covers. How hard is it to imagine I liked above project? I think it's a really cool toy.

Go to your blog and copy the text of your last post.

Go to the tagger and past the text.

press the button and select the tags you want. (if any nonsense shows up you need to remove that from the imput text)

 Hit the button again (ignore the search)

Click edit post and past the html at the end of the posting.

 It should look something like this:
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Ok it appears 360 is turning the tags into a mess by changing the rel="tag" part addinging & quote; inside it and breaking the technorati ping. The only way to cheat the post editor is leaving the quotes off or removing the quotes from the tag part rel=tag. Humm, this is making it a lot less fun I'd better do a bug report.