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Revealicious - revealing the way you use

This looks like "what my web needs" to me.

Revealicious is a set of graphic visualisations for your account that allow you to browse, search and select tags, as well as viewing posts matching them.

To see Revealicious in action, you can try the demo, or simply login with your user account and password (we do not keep them). Revealicious is made of three different interactive Flash applets that complement each other :

  • SpaceNav (demo), which allows you to explore the structure of your tags in a rather recreative manner.
  • TagsCloud (demo), which is an interactive and enhanced version of the tagscloud available in
  • Grouper (demo), which is an experimental interface for grouping and working with tags.

Revealicious is a graphic design project lead from June to September 2005. It was developed in ActionScript 2.0 using MTASC and SWFMill. Its aim is to demonstrate how using different kind of visualisation can reveal surprising aspects of information. was chosen as a source of data because of the unformalised semantic richness of its tag system, and of course, because it is a cool project, for which we wanted to contribute !

Revealicious is still an experiment, which means that features and usage are quite basic, and maybe sometimes buggy. However, as an experiment, Revealicious should be considered as a step towards richer, more interactive user interface and information visualisations.

Revealicious was designed and implemented by S├ębastien Pierre (from Ivy), with help from Olivier Zitvogel (he made the "DeliciouSoup" applet) and Yann Klis. Its source code is available under the revised BSD License. Comments and feedback are welcome at

For people interested in the detail, there is also a report on Revealicious, but it is only available in French. Also, be sure to check out DeliciousSoup, a cool visualization by Olivier, as well as the complete list of tools.

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