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RE: Seeking the Nahuatl way - We aren't that different

Oh, it's simple IE sucks more as Firefox and Opera put together. I can think of over a 1000 bugs that don't have to exist at all. I've seen lots of browsers made by solitaire hobbyists that are just as good.

LOL!! I just looked and Konqueror is the only one to supports MNG the rest only have GIF. I cant begin to describe how old GIF is. It even requires a license to use GIF.

The other browsers dumped MNG, what do they dare expect the rest of the world to develop a whole new type of animated images for them because they didn't support this one? I think it's pretty clear that animated PNG is better as GIF. GIF has 1 layer with no transparency and the tremendous number of 16 colors. If that doesn't suck I'm not clear on what does.

I've been looking for a way to change from one tab to the next by pressing ONLY 1 key on the keyboard. It pisses me off to have to press SHIFT+CTRL+TAB or CTRL+PageUp for the browser feature I use the most of all. They all have crap user interfaces.

A good team comes first then communication is the most important ingredient of development. Firefox doesn't even have user chat. How in earths fucking name are you going to develop something if you cant talk with people. O_O Mozilla had IRC, that was state-of-the-art in those days.

Maybe IE7 will be useful for a change, I wont bet any money on it tho. Image