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RE: No really...I am this way.

Real = Real
Observation = a reflection from the suface of a real thing.
Interpertation = illusion

Observations are always incorrect. An interpertation is always more flawed.

This brings us to your interpertation of the interpertation of others. At this stage the data is so flawed I may as well end this comment here.


- Why do people become something they aren't.

Maybe people really do become something else. Maybe they remain nothing?

We think we are in control of our life but we are slaves of our body, we have no control over what we want. Shit just happens then we have an urge to do shit. Thoughts don't have to be thoughts, they could be pre-defined or externally controlled or a mix of all 3. We would not know the difference.

I always just go do something then I obtain a spirit for it. It accompanies me until I give it up.

With relatives it's always damn obvious and visible how they share a pool of spirits.

Obviously just an interpretation of an observation. My spirits need not to worry.