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How I would market and distribute windows

I just hope to show my share of consumer opinion. M$ is absolutely working on their flaws, billy the gates did introduce the "safe computing" marketing campaign.  Now that I thought of it for a few sec it struck me that Windows could be made into something cool really easy.Image 

could  make it dual boot with linux? They needs to have both Opera and Firefox on the instalation disk as well as flash, adobe reader, quicktime, addaware, zonealarm ect ect ect for both boots. Why not put K mellon the yahoo toolbar yahoo chat google earth thunderbird and win amp on it to? They are all free and take about a year or so to collect by hand. ImageImageImageImage Some we would have to download from the web by lack of DVD space but it should be as few as posible. Microsoft is still trying to keep us away from all that.

Why put old IE in the box if they can distrubute cool browsers like Firefox?

They are even allowed to distribute their own branded version! It's really easy for em to make some M$-limux beta. Could be conciderd marketing? Save thar name? Should be worth a few gazillions. All they need to do is moderate the user submitted packages? I think they call em tar balls but I'm not sure I've never used linuks.  I  figure it would be up to the linux crowd to make something cool of it.