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The opera expirience......

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Hi, here is my update on the expirience. I've just reinstalled it to replace the upgraded version. I now have a clean free version with no part of the previous install. Now need to install gnu spel and subscribe to a feed. That both didn't work the last time. The spell checker left some useless dll's behind after uninstalation, given how clean opera uninstalled thats kind of sad aint it?

Anyway I find it a really strange expirience to browse the web with opera. It's so freaking different from firefox I'm astonished. In the fox I can manage huge numbers of links and search in noumerous nifty ways. It took a lot of work to set up but the browsing around pages really works superb. But Opera can actually manage passwords in a painless way it can subscribe to a feed in one click and checks it in a non anoying way. I've tested noumerous feed readers and they all suck kind of, this one is so much better for the simple reason it doesnt start any scedualed program or screw up surfing. The new standard interface looks really pretty compared to the trober piles it use to have. ghehe

I just found out that I've tried to keep the number of logins/subscriptions as limited as posible in firefox. Not fun at all! It's almost a true "F" word. hahaha Opera support is poor on the web so I see myself start firefox the same way I use to start IE from the fox. ghehehe

Is there a tool to open the current page in Firefox or IE?