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I just had the awareness I didn't mention my main interest in the web. (I sort everything subconsciously by use and interest or end up playing pacman all day)

It works like this:

A service first attracts users with the actual service, after that the main interest shifts to how popular it is. It makes potential users think "what is this million user service?" Then they have a look for this reason only to find the million users can actually make use of the service, then it becomes a million and one. ^_^

I find it really interesting how this works as a social filter. There are no brain dead Linux programmers. Sure they may sp33k L33T but we all know how much we fear the learning curve of that OS brand.

So the Linux pacman developer is a genius and the windows pacman dev is a script kiddie. Thats how I figure the order in things and aim my interests.

I guess my main interest in the web is the kinds of people that gather around the kind of Pokemon.

Then wtf is he doing on this yahoo service is the first thing you ask yourself. I know, and your right to think that. I was actually working on an information portal for Enkhuizen, a city in the Netherlands. We all hate portal sites so it presents a great challenge to make one. Now that the average Enkhuizer isn't all that active on the web. The challenge becomes bigger as for say a New York portal but the lack of existing shit could present a huge reward one day.

For a fun portal I would need to start a blogging service and beg a few local bloggers to blog on it. I'm a really short man with a way to huge ego so I don't preform that well on my knees.

I could bloody well invent the whole thing all over again and make a rocking service anyway but I like to be lazy to. So I'm trying to make a blog with yahoo and google because I want to figure out what this blogging shit is all about. I know 1000 times what any of you could possibly know about this kind of service but still didn't find the basics. I don't have a lot of millions to show to prove this point but the research is worth so much more to me.

I intend to find new things that we can all use for our blog, and new ways to make use of blog postings. I know it's a hopeless cause but that never stopped me from having success at anything. hahaha

I could post this in some shrink forums or start a guru blog but then I would have to digest other peoples serious opinions on subjects. I kind of thing that takes way to much energy and they don't have a clue what makes normal people tick by understatement. I do imagine I don't know any of that either so the whole conversation would be the definition of useless development that is good for nothing.

Now - you may insert silly remarks. ghehehe