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o dear - I really enjoy opera now do I?

333 magnify
(So far) I've set up the Opera mouse gestures the way I think they work best.

Gesture up > Go to start (scroll to top of current page)
Gesture down > Go to end (scroll to end of current page)
Gesture Left > Cycle to next page (go to the tab on the left)
Gesture Right > Cycle to previous page (go to the tab on the right)

The names are a bit strange and the left right thing looks the wrong way around but you can trust me to make good use of those 4 mouse kung-fu moves.

I like em like this because these gestures don't change anything on the pages, can just make gestures like a mad man and nothing bad happens. I do already have back and forward buttons on the mouse so I don't need any gestures for that, if you don't have a back button on the mouse you can hold the right button and click the left one to go back and the other way around to go forward.