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RE: MSN Offering "Blog This" Button on News Stories

RE: MSN Offering "Blog This" Button on News Stories

Say you run a news website.....

It would not be so hard to UN-hide a div with a blog-this link in it if the visitor has a 360 blog. Can do a trick with a blank image, I guess there a lot of ways to do it.

It would be neat for the posting to appear in the blog withouth viewing a single blog-this popup or page. See the "blog this" link change into "working" and into "done" - so one can blog withouth leaving the page.

To avoid confusing things the new post should not have the bloggers name under it and have no option to be edited (just a delete). If I want to say something in response I can always post a comment on my own blog.

To make it really inovative one can make the blog have a pre defined subject & fixed tags so that the blog-this link only appears under topics that fit the blog. That would make a fast and seamless user interface.

It would create ilustrated & rich formated posts in single clicks.

(off topic) from a user perspective my web and yahoo 360 would look better in a single popup?