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MY first bug report

I install opera I click spell check I download the spellchecker install the spell checker. An hour later the pc or the browser crases (not caused by opera I think) After a reboot the spell checker does not work. The pc needs to be rebooted after the spell checker is installed or the Opera instalation becomes broken. I use a buggy win 98 and a buggy win 2000 pc. On both I've tried to reinstall just the spell checker or just opera. That both doesn't repair it. I have to remove all opera files and reinstall both to make it work.

The spell checker has crap documentation and the last release is from 2001. It looks really bad compared to Opera. You can probably see how bad I need spell checking. Dont let your native English fool you. This is really the worse part of Opera for me. I can not write anything like this. Now add to this that Opera is a really amazing browser that does everything smoothly. This spell checker is really screwing the whole expirience for me.

I now think you have no idea what it means. It means I can't blog about my first expieriance with opera properly. I can't say how much I love it "out of the box". NO - have to start up firefox to describe it. The review will be more-bad. I'm sure you can do better as this. I hate having to download parts of firefox, this was the main reason for me to give opera a try - and yeah - things actually work as a whole beyond my imagination. 10 chears for who evah worked at thias proojakt.

First the lack of spell checker made me sad then having to install some 3rd party tool almost made me leave. The page was way 2 ugly and it didn't ask me to reboot afterwards. Opera offers to install it AFTER I've typed my text. That was disapointing. Then it wanted me to close the browser! HEY! what about that post I was writing? What do I do with that? Expecting the user to save it to a text file and bookmark the page? HUH??? LOL I won't excuse my poor grammar. It made me feal like an idiot, I didn't have the "I rule" feel at all. On win 2000 and win 98 the same thing happend. So only now that I can reproduce the bug I submited it. I do so so that you can start taking forein users more serious. After seeing this 2 times I can imagine how much this could hurt this great browser. ^_^ One moment I'm talking with it and the next.... help! it's acting linux to me! hahaha

as a side note: I had a hard time finding the installer the second time, It's name is really strange. Should be Opera-Windows-[version] You really don't want people to go do something else looking for it. I just downloaded it again and seeing the file name made me go "PFFFFF". Again, I didn't have the "I have Opera, I rule" fealing. lol

This is my first bug report so I hope it's ok like this.

G de Wilde

*maybe I can write something - lol"