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RE: It would be cool if MNG were supported.
It would be cool if MNG were supported.

Info on Multiple-image Network Graphics:

I do care about this 11 year old format, I think it's rather stupid how we javascript our sites to web-design hell.

Commodore 64 had sprites with way superior animation as GIF, you could even shade the 16 colors (with some assembly), Could detect collisions and trigger effects as 2 sprites overlapped each other. It did not include the transparent part of the sprite like with gif. If your sprite was ball shaped it really was ball shaped. Gifs are all square boxes.

Commodore 64 had animated fonts to, how does this compare to the lack of useful animation we have today? We have 4 webfonts at the moment? WOUAH!!

This was 18 years ago. 18 years is 6 570 days.

I (for +1) would love to(read care to) make a page with animation and I don't have a GIF license I do-not own a FLASH license (I hate FLASH more as gif) Why do I have to hack animation with javascript as it's way to obvious what result I'm looking for?

I would much prefer to use a script to check the browser. But something hackish like this would work to:

< img src=http://www.myhomepage/img.jpg mng=http://www.myhomepage/img.mng>

Glenn Randers-Pehrson, a research physicist at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, is a 1964 graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and has Master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Sciences from Stevens Institute of Technology and Rutgers University. Glenn has been involved in computer graphics for 30 years, is one of the developers of the PNG format, and is leading the MNG development effort.

finite-element calculational results by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory required only about a quarter of the file space when converted from a simple series of PNGs to delta-encoded PNGs.

Gif on the other hand zips about as smooth as a bitmap.

I'm dieing to hear ONE good argument to force webmasters to use GIF permanently. How can we make websites that support this awesome format if barely any browser can do it? Mozilla dumped it by lack of user enthusiasm. Most web designers stick to hating flash or hacking javascripts.

I'm an Opera user and I'm all enthusiastic about it +_+

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