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RE: Easier HTML access keys

Easier HTML access keys

Just in case anyone didn't mention it before:

At the moment when a website defines access keys (as an example lets say 'e') you have to do the following to get it running:
Shift-ESC, E, Enter

I don't know all keyboard commands jet so why not learn em as it happens? ^_^

As the page loads a dialog appears
"Override Opera keyboard command for this domain?" with a "don't ask again" check-box.

Like "Would you like to override Opera keyboard command alt+S for the domain ?"

It may also be useful to have a "never ask about keyboard commands again" check box or preference.

I always forget what all the keyboard commands do, what could possibly be a better time to learn em? I think one by one over time would be the least annoying.

Made me think...Could make something like addsense so we can have random opera tips on our blog in nifty formats. Clicking the add (lol) would bring up the help doc.