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Addsense like tips block for our blogs

Addsense like Opera tips block for our websites and blogs

I thought the spread firefox buttons had something low tech to em. After clicking it 1 time and installing firefox they looked exactly the same and had no use. Half the web was filled with firefox buttons it took precious miles of web real estate but had absolutely no use to the actual firefox user. Any other add would be more useful.

If 60% of your site visitors have firefox 60% of your visitors cant do anything with the button.

Lots of cool blogs have little or no adds and they really don't want em either. This is kind of sad for the concept of semi random generated blocks of content.

I was thinking of a few formats of Opera tip blocks?

Make it so that I can stuff the javascript in the sidebar of my blog and 3 or 4 Opera tips appear each time anyone loads the page.

How can I save a
complete web page
with images?

Press alt+S to save
a web page with a
keyboard command.
keyboard commands>