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learn from maxthon?

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I guess students always complain about what they study. hahaha

I've used maxthon excessively and I can absolutely say:

Maxthon is a very superior webborwser until it crashes again

What I miss most about it:

Invert page, that inverts the colors of all pages and images white to black and black to white. This is great if your looking at your monitor for to much hours.

select multiple links with the mouse (say 20) then drag and drop it on the same page(drag 1/5 cm) it would then open all those links in tabs on a multiple row tool-bar and shrunk the size of em to fit on the set number of rows.

I would then save the tabs as a group on my desktop (where ever) and 1 click would put em all back. Under 50 tabs IE doesn't even explode!

The close tab button was on the tool-bar. This was a usefully combo with the tab slide-show.

Maxthon is a great place to look for interesting features. Like a showroom with working demonstration models. Would be insane not to keep an eye on it.

Can even write maxthon plug-ins in HTML !! I had next to no HTML knowledge and changed one that saved the URLs of current tabs as text (and opened the text file) to have it create links on a pre-formatted HTML doc AND OPEN IT!

So maxthon had me code up something like a "blog this 200 URLs" in about 10 minutes with almost zero knowledge of HTML.

Could then invert the colors and save it again. Open a few of those doc's and save it as a group again.

Then had thousands of good links in a few weeks. Highlight a hand full of em and open em with a simple drag. Much faster as ctrl+8 where we have to look for the links.

But then maxthon crashed and crashed again and that wasn't so fun. lol