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more beta feedback

333 magnify
. I don't like how the image is a link that points at a popup that has the same image in it. Please let us disable the link or point it at a custom location.

Odd links?
I don't know if it's possible but the permalink would look a lot better changed from:


The first one looks like a referral link, no way I would ever remember that. Cant even see who's blog it is. I know it's not a permanent name but only a few would ever delete their name? And if I would I would want the permalinks to break to, thats the whole idea of deleting a name isn't it?

If you peeps are really interested in Y-360 turning into a professional service....
  1. pay us for advertising on our blog and ...
  2. pay us for the prints we sell and... 
  3. offer us a list of products we can promote and past the add in our posting in 1 click....

  4. I would be motivated to explain why I use a product. Just that tool would make it a superior blogging service,
    For example: Lets say I'm writing a post about my Ipod, then you give me a set of banners to pick from.

    Add a shop were we can spend money on our blog. I want to show my photo's in 1024 px, could let me pay 1 cent per year per for each? I would upload 3000 today? And how would the blog look?

    You can't argue my pictures should be shown in this low resolution "they are mine", you don't get to ruin the first impression of my photography or my collection unless I let you. You've build in a guarantee for yahoo photo to have bad photo's at horrible resolution. By claiming the ownership of my pictures (haha?) you only prevent me from using it.