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Traveling the Information highway by tricycle

I haven't got a single page error for 3 weeks now I use opera.

It does a great job at filling out the yahoo passwords. I hate how both internet explorer and Firefox keep asking the web server for the same things. 100 times per day.

Sure, yahoo needs to figure out how to fix Internet Explorer. But most of the page errors are just as much peeps own mistake/reward for being a Microsoft fan-boy. I know they enjoy nothing more as giving your money to bill gates but his browser sucks. They just learn that and the errors will probably go away.

I think it's pretty amusing how the masses ignored the work that thousands of people did for them. If your using Internet Explorer you really have no right to complain if things don't work. It also means you don't appreciate anything people do for you anyway. It means your cluttering up the Information highway with your tricycles. hahaha

I have disabled the 360 mailbox to prevent not getting any messages. I already have 2 email boxes. Thats more as enough for me.