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How to take death and slaughter out of games?

I use to play a lot of games and found a funny difference in my thoughts and those of some other gamers. They appeared to play the game for recreational purposes as I was looking for relations with the real world so that I could deploy a better strategy. They almost got angry about it, I was violating their "escape from the real world". I do try to respect this because I can imagine they need some distraction to keep going.

I discussed it with one of em and we came to the conclusion that for as long he could remember he thought it was wrong to have games with educational value. For as far as I can remember I always played the game of life.

In the game of life I may not flourish but in the games I was always a horrifying opponent.

The speed chess player likes to make his decision fast. Just put to much options on the board and they get exhausted depressed and always make that fatal mistake. I didn't try to win, I was trying to put up something that cant be processed by my current opponent.

Some people you can just tell they cant win and they agree with it.

Now I don't like to think like that and winning like that is even more sad. I prefer my opponent to be in the best of shapes on his best day and then own him. lol

But the concept of playing against some one is not so fun if you know the game a lot better it's just as boring as being defeated by an opponent that knows a 100 times what I know.

I like solitaire or patiance to! And that doesn't require any opponents to be defeated at all what so ever. So I'm right to think that games could be played together and both players could be victorious. :)

I also think games have rather useless results, a lot of time and thought is invested but apart from the training of the mind nothing productive is outputted.

As stated above, for me it's all the same game... so why not? (for example: Ultimaonline was more of a social networking tool as a game.)

Most of the computer games today are based on killing shit. It's rather un-original, I don't need to kill thinks to have the "I rule!" feeling with a game. I've seen people that ruled at trivia games. But again the game is made so that you need to defeat the other players to win most of the time.

Now to get back to the MNG mind game I was playing here on the blog. I was looking at rather boring documentation about compression methods as I found the word combination "Compression strategy". Lots of roads to Rome but only one of em is the shortest.

Games are based on "strategy", compression is very CPU consuming and unlike the experts say has endless potential.

I can prove this because the original data can always be cut down by hand. As long as the compression tool doesn't 100% know what the code is what it does and most of all why it does that the compression is not perfect.

A human on the other hand can compress code images and video by hand with infinitely more skill already. This is an example.

I've removed what ever I didn't need to make it smaller. A compression tool can-not do this. I've applied a "strategy" to do this.

So I bet some one could create a compression game that earns big bucks as it runs.

A nice 3d interface with gazillions of buttons, options and settings a bar with the expected time to do the requested settings and a submit button. Then after X minutes/hours/days it's done and you score points!

Almost all compression methods people try will have poor results. Thats just the way it is. But every now and then some player will do better as others.

Normally it's not worth the effort to compress a GB file in with one or 2 Kb. But in a game this can happen more as one time in a row for years.

As long as the interface is cool and the game is fun we do the job. :)