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How you will take over the world

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I'm a dreamer, that means I have to keep up with people who cant. It's funny how they get to me. It appears an innovator needs to make things for them to see the point. I try to innovate more and more, I have no time to make things. In theory I would know how-to perfectly well but in practise I preform way below average. I could invent awesome crap in that same time and I'm actually good at this (read trained) But life kind of demands more from the individual.

The biggest joke of it all is that the guy who invented a thing and build it almost never is the one to profit from it. It's always a later entrepreneur trying to do the same by adding things to a copy of the thing. Google didn't invent search. Amazon didn't invent selling books. ect ect

So I'm like a multinationals research department only I have real innovations based on everything with barely any documentation and they have non-innovations with fantastic docs.

It's not that I'm way better as they are, It's more like I've accomplished pathetically little based on what I've found. I train being creative and get to laugh at huge industries guessing what things are. This actually makes me even more pathetic.

Slowly the painful reality holds going "no profit" as the only way to make things work. The only glorious future for our-kind to create is one where we work together anyway. But it sounds like no one will make a living of it - defeating the purpose.

Now the great thing about this is that I should not try to figure out how we can do this. It should be as vague as possible because your idea on how it should work always works best for you because it was your idea. You are not waiting for my instructions how to lead your life. Even if I was right it would suck. lol All we need to do is agree on cooperating as a whole, we have a lot of work to do on this world any one of us could spot what is important.

Millions of us have already helped at taking back the web. Now we need to take back the rain forest. Take back Africa, China, our oil..... take back our whole fucking world!

Now don't give me crap about being a dreamer. This stuff it very real, I'm not the one who should wake up here. Please keep your "how it wont work" to yourself and be miserable on your own. We do-not need your help with this. Do-not bother me with being pathetic. We need your help so badly we should probably kill you if you don't.

Put yourselves in your own imagination for a sec. Your a publisher, isn't the report on world events just as censored as the big media? Could you write something in the blog impressive enough to have your readers do the same?

I cant think of anything more important you could ever do for me.

Your allowed to copy this text and write a comment in the middle, change it or just post it the way it is. Anything! Can even make jokes about me, I do-not care.

I say: lets take over the world, because we can. MUHAHA

Make a new blog

Your allowed to have as much blogs as you want. It made me angry how well a blog with 1 posting can work compared to a blog I write every day in. Google looks at the number of links other websites point at you. It doesn't really care if you update it. Make a few posts about your new blog in the real one, link to it in a few comments and the blog will get magically updated with comments. The sidebar has a link to your real blog. This will never hurt it's rating.

So, you can just repost this article to the new blog make up a unique title + description, and it's finished! The rest is optional. You have magically done your great deed for the day.

No-one knows what you will post in this blog in the coming years. Having a blog about this opens the subconscious to the subject. You don't have to post anything but lets assume you could word the topic lots better as me. Your the do-person and I'm the dreamer remember?

Please leave a link to your new blog here, specially if your reading this post reposted. Please do "show us that it worked". I will cheat the search engines for us, as in "goals defeat means". Each page with it's own author is unique. Even if the content is the same.

"Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something"
Thomas A. Edison

Thanks a lot!
-Gaby de Wilde