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to hire is to rent

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Not that I like slavery but businesses are not any more trust worthy as individuals. If I rent a tool I have to pay a deposit in case it breaks. If I hire a person he or she will just have to trust me? Sure we have contracts but what happens if the employer returns the person in a condition so bad it cant be hired out to anyone?

We can work for 60 years that should be worth 720 000$ Then most people have education that took time and lots of cash to acquire. 20 000$ in cash and probably another 100 000 in time. A logical down payment would be 1/5 million dollars.

A lot of jobs are bad for a resume, if you make someone do stupid shit for 10 years he will have less value in the next 50. It's obvious that the education deposit can-not be fully refunded. Breaking half the persons physical or mental state should cost at least half his total value.

I know this sounds unrealistic but older people are worth a lot more in this model. Factory workers would get education just to be able to fire them again. The next business to hire em gets the bill meaning INCOME for the previous employer! it could make a badly payed Factory job very interesting for all of us.

We use to leave it up to an employer to take care of pensions, this obviously went wrong. It's basically the same thing as the education costs and overall ability to work. "your boss will take care of you", yeah right! I don't know about you but I hate being taken care off as much as I hate false prommises. A business can go bankrupt and leave the employee with nothing, It's the same way the pensions use to work.(not work)

Just imagine your pension being used for your employers bankruptcy and it all makes sense. Half a million isn't a lot of cash! They can just borrow it against the extra company value. You cant spend your pension on what ever you like. So forget about the idea that people could just spend the deposit. It should be in a frozen account. If your not worth shit after they fire you, you can keep all of it. Your employer would be highly motivated to educate you and find you a new job.

a win win win win situation. :)