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Flocking hell - The future of web authoring

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RE: AttentionTrust > Flock you

This sounds really cool but after thinking about it; Firefox doesn't have a logical interface and it doesn't work without lots of extensions. It's much to big for a viewer but has no useful "out of the box" features.

The only interesting thing about a separate interface engine is that it can be really pretty and have a smart lay out. The use should be making it easy to rearrange the menu's. Firefox is not pretty and it doesn't come close to having a logical lay out. What's left of the XUL is the bad response time.

Not-one PC I've ever owned friezed from opening 10 text documents. Not even a vic 20 or a zx spectrum. But now 3Ghz cpu with 2GB memory can be slowed down to a standstill.

The vision of Mozilla was dropping MNG support. That indicated what genius future they are planning for the web. (give it all to macromedia) Would we get a flash license with Flock? Oh, no MNG no flash and no GIF? How about the lack of font sets packaged with this web-text viewer. Cant have animation + cant have a font set? How is it still called wysiwyg then? M$ paint does a better job.

Flock is probably the best in it's kind, I will keep an eye on it, grab the stable release and probably end up using it all the time. (haha) But for normal surfing Opera makes a lot more sense. ^_^

It's rss reader is just as astonishing as the rest of it's features. It doesn't have the Attention Recorder jet. Thats a bit of a downside. :P

Ok time to Flock off. :---) Sorry for the bad humor & good luck.