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Yahoo 360 feedback (I'm a geniuos)

The name of the artist is missing. "Who made this theme?"

I imagine having a blog here could last for years, it's a bit strange not to know who made the css. but nvm. I guess Yahoo ruled the market with my yahoo for a while then made nothing of it. And I think, right now you have an awesome view all updates page.

I did not have to copy and past 150 rss feeds to make it and it looks much better as ur average news reader.(specially my yahoo lol)

Now don't get lost in the example please. :P

This wasn't a lot of work to make
Reverse engineering all profile links on yahoo 360 into rss feeds then generating an ompl of 1500 feeds with a text macro was the most time consuming, that took a few hours. :)

This is why I've asked for hidden rss feeds on the friends page. You really should not care how I read pages on your service. As long as I do right? It's not like they could replace the "view all updates" feature.

Yahoo podcasts is awesome, please mix this content with the profiles. The music machine doesn't work cross platform. And A lot of podcasters still have no idea on who their listeners are, just see bandwidth disappear. lol, I know we can add rss but that goes for flickr to.

Like "new photos" have "new podcast" with a link to the yahoo service. View all podcasts etc etc

let there be music :)

Then let us have yahoo publisher adds on the review page. That makes sense. It would be a lot more interesting to write reviews.

Would be great if you let us add 15X80 images to the blogroll.

Add a yahoo and a flickr icon to the smile set. (write out the link to?)

Could write instructions for users to submit their own 360 theme designs. Don't promise to use em but add something like the best 5 each week. Later you could make a public gallery for us to vote for em.

You should also have a few low-tech non-web people try out this service. I can clearly see you didn't do that. ghehehe