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Posting images @ yahoo360

Posting images @ yahoo360

Continued from Posting pictures @ ur yahoo 360 blog and my  Flickr or Hello post.

The yahoo slideshow that is just so small it's safe to call it a preview slideshow. Not close to usefull, "Did get to see the image, now it aint new anymore, but didn't get to enjoy it, expirience ruined"
The Photobucket that is limited to 25 MB (or 25$ per year) a really fast host but you will need to add the width="150" height="120" to the generated tags by hand. (use textpad hilight src="  click F8 type width="150" height="120" src="   click replace all and past it in the html source of your post)

The flickr photo set has an actually nice preview size but the large image isn't large at all.

The normal Flickr preview (that points at the same small image as the sets)

Just open your Flickr page in a new window and drop the tumbs in the yahoo post. Just the way you would imagine it would work. Hold down the mouse on the image and drag it into the editor. (not the html source)

On the left is yahoo360----------------on the right is my flickr page. Free Image Hosting at

Imageshack   just hosts everythingImage and has amazing speed, uptime and advertisement. They also kind of demand a link to their service with each post.

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