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The Ipod is a bullshit device same as the pda and the gsm. We had CPU powered programmable watches in 1980! The iproduct is HUGE in size and it only does music. HAHAHA - The pda is really nice to carry around, of course the graphical interface is ugly but at least it doesn't allow you to get any kind of work done. - Morse code is 5 times as fast as a gsm keyboard, far better as a phone with 100 keys I don't know the use of.(because they don't have any)

Seiko Epson RC-20 Wrist Computer Watch
Incredibly Rare Computer Watch--Zilog Z80-Compatible CPU Inside! No Buttons--All Functions Are Accessed via Touch-Screen. Upload Computer Programs and Run Them from Your Watch using Software and Data Cable. New In Box $499, US Shipping Included but no cables and no software.
Z-80 compatible processor (SMC84C00)
serial port
low-res touch screen (23 locations)
display: 42 x 32 pixels (FE type white liquid crystal)
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It's already is a f*ing collectors item. I could not wait for a new version to be released but it never happened. People was to dumb to get make or push it. Imagine having an agenda with you. With (almost unlimited) alarms triggering custom sounds and apropriate background images. Sure some Timex do have all the features but I'm sick of 100% pre programed devices. I don't want 80GB of music-only, broken-screen ipod in my pocket at all! All I want a watch with a few mb's of memory and please don't bother to write firmware for it. We are not baby's.

I guess I have to go for the 26 year old Seiko.

Better do a few more googles first. lol

update on the google:

The linux watch is from 2000, that aint so old jet, ok ok, it's old I know. lol :) Lets find more.....