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Wearable Computer, 1998

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Built in 1998, the IBM Wearable Computer, was derived from a ThinkPad 560X. It included a 233Mhz Intel processor, 64M of RAM and a 340MB IBM MicroDrive. It ran Windows™ 98 and a set of PC applications and IBM ViaVoice™ 1998 speech software. Its Lithium-ion battery lasted about 1.5-2 hours. It included USB, IrDA, and CF type II interfaces. The whole unit weighed only 299g. The head mounted display had a resolution of 320x240 pixels with 256 gray levels. It included an ear phone and weighed 50g. The device was controlled a TrackPoint™ and a microphone while on the go.

August 2000. IBM researchers are successfully running Linux and X11 (a popular graphics library) on a device the size of a wrist watch, demonstrating the viability of the operating system across all platforms, from large enterprise servers, to medium-sized and small servers, workstations, desktop systems, laptops and now the smallest intelligent devices.