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What yahoo should do

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Buy a linux distro Make yahoo linux, then buy opera(Opera stock is kind of low now). We want to boot the yahooOS. All software stinks thanks to MS but also suffers from poor hardware design. Making everything web based is not a very good way around this I think.

Yahoo should start making hardware. Only the Hardware has the real computing power. It's the only way to know who is to blame if things don't work. Microsoft will never allow any application to run properly on windows. Would be ignorant to denie that.

Yahoo could create a whole pc out of a network/video card replacement. Just leave windows running in the background and have the video card do the multitasking.(the only way it works) Not just hardware based user ID's!!!! But the option to run as much processes on my PC as you like!!! Go hog your own CPU and leave mine alone!!

I think that would upset Microsoft so much we would all end up loving yahoo. Or are you going to say it's impossible to make hardware?

The logic of: Yahoo needs to make everything web based because yahoo should only exist inside Microsoft.

Windows Vista will be released and yahoo will be fixing bugs 24/7 as users play with the new msn messenger. In 2050 yahoo will win the anti trust case and Microsoft has to pay up 20 million.

Like BEOS and real and ... and ... ahhhhhhh.............

We need Hardware, Hardware, Hardware and nothing else.