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How the internet curency works

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We are used to the almost static coin system of trading worthless jey printed shiny metal disks for actual food. Now we hear gossip about a google wallet and know yahoo failed to create one.

But what really is this e-wallet thing? What is it used for? That should partially show what it is? Jet it does not show anything new. HUMMM??? I was trying to find out by thinking: What is a currency? I think it is: Something that pretends to represent the value of something else. Now I tried to separate the things we buy to use in the physical world from those we buy only to use on the PC. I think the main things are Banner impressions, clicks, subscriptions and occasionally a software.

Got me thinking about converting "normal" currency into "banner impressions". It's still worth about the same but the money is gone and the banner impressions didn't happen jet? It proves that viewing pages has value. Take any blog for example, by not having adds the author is actually investing potential earnings into a better experience for the visitors. I could earn 2 bucks by making you view adds on this blog, of course thats not worth it. You are making this posting happen, if no-one would read it I would not bother writing it here. The point is that all visitors are worth something in reality. Something thats even beyond cash, it's a lot like your own country. Welcome to the republic of Gabyland. :) It's a smelly place but they serve a really good head ache.

But anyway, I now think addsense google addwords and the yahoo publisher network are actually e-wallets.

In 1970 we payed to use any service but now even a free service has to pay to get users. Things are awfully awkward today, I bet far less marketing and management methods actually apply to the current set up as much as we would think.

How awesome is it that your reading this banana shaped blog posting for free as they are paying trailer loads of hard currency to get your attention for their serious business? I think it's priceless! All I have to focus on is not disturbing the normal flow of your mind to much. hahaha How long will it take them to learn to say things like "sponsbob is god!" Instantly the Value of Gabyland currency goes up dramatically, it became a more funny place. (don't say it's not worth anything. :)) I think they will need some more years to understand it. hahaha