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Talking to the yahoo hand.

The hourglass next to the images opens the blog slideshow in the same page. Pressing the big close button closes my yahoo 360 tab entirely.

My visitors want to click on images. I don't like how you are teaching my visitors to ignore my image links. You have an excuse to stuff our blogs with broken links? You are training us not-to-click images!! I have thousands of photos online. I hate this training!!!!!!! Stop doing this.

It's a big enough pain having a 333 px limit. Why don't you let me add a proper flickr link to the image my self? Why do you prefer to have broken links on my blog? There is nothing behind the link that is remotely worth looking at.

I have never seen good photos waisted like you do here. I over react? What is this page??

Why is it using the titles and images from my blog? Where is my name? Does the yahoo disclaimer include using my post titles and images to generate bullshit pages on the same date?

Then you force me to link to this page now do you? A dead link on the middle of my page? I do a search for my post title and behold! There is that machine generated crap page of yours again.

oh, how incredibly UN-COOL. I find my post title but I don't find my blog. You're stalking me with a top rated 333px thumbnail image and all I get is ZERO views on the flickr page that holds the same image but it's a 100 times as big. AND IT HAS MY NAME ON IT. ZERO views it has! Do I over react?

This pic is months old but it was viewed 2 times in the last hour. Do I seriously need to make a blogger blog to blog Flickr images? Why does this sound crazy to me? I was enthusiastic about yahoo 360 and expected the option to blog my Flickr images.

Can you explain why people should pay to post images by hand?

I can only think yahoo 360 still has a million bugs to fix. :(

I guess I will have to ask again in march.