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The search results suck and the page lay out is ugly

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I was reading this: / blog-zwwMZhwwdrSyXD8- / ?p=160 / #comment

Blogger still asks for a yahoo IM identity, google news always has yahoo news results at the top. :)

It does look pretty weird from Europe.

How cheap the search results look is beyond any excuse. It was My web and google desktop search that prevented me from abandoning this ugly uniform search results.

I don't see any pictures with the results. Not a company logo not an avatar NOTHING! (as in no beer) Show me a sub-domain with the results but where the F* is the link to top page from that domain? Where is the authors profile? Where is the publishers email address?

According to google the value of a page is calculated by what others say about it. And by this same logic google is making the web worthless. Not having any illustrations, No style sheets for the search page. White on black is nice for some people, a black font on white can be painful for people with eye problems.

how would a custom css for each search result look? Webmasters should submit 5 css for 5 different search style sheets. A black version a white version, green, red, blue. O wait... you are doing this for my web, yahoo 360, yahoo groups. I now think you have a perfect picture of how it could look.

Searching for should serve a page that looks like slashdot. Cnet should look like cnet and wikipedia should look like wikipedia.

I'm going to cut and past an example jpg of this. :)

Please do keep in mind that I'm not the world greatest page designer and this is a quick hack.

Normal results: / search?q=gaby+de+wilde

Graphical results: / img435/4668/futuresearchme5ny.jpg

Now we will get the "I don't like it" response. If you don't like it you can use classic search. We don't need to stop planetary progress because you have a lack of taste now do we?

Anyway, google sucks yahoo search sucks as good as any search engines sucks at displaying results.

PS: I've cut up the links into bread crumbs. You need to click on the last part to go to that location of resource. I'm sure it makes sense. :)