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all config windows are to small

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I've been confused with how small configuration windows are since 1995. What is the logic of making more complex windows smaller? In the Opera key configuration window I cant read what any of the keys do. All 15 000 key commands are nice but I cant get myself to learn them in this set up. It's not an opera thing but it's really damn strange UI to spend an hour in a pop-up? The most hilarious part is that with most software the application doesn't work with the configuration window open. It's just as hilarious how I sit 10 cm from my screen and look at something that is 1/5 the size of it. Then have to scroll in it as if it's content is to big.

I think 99% of the windows apps have this. The excuse is the difference in screen size, something they've all fixed for the main app proving their either lazy or just used to how it is and don't know any better. It happens so often that they cant all be lazy, they just don't know.
To jump to conclusions "what else don't they know but should?" User interface, usability, assembly, testing, expansion, bloat, eliminate#nerd~speak, look at competitors and buy/use their products, generate feedback, manage feedback, create user interaction, create user development (plugins)

Most development teams have sad innovative skills. Their agenda really does look like they have better things to do. But still, true innovation we dont see that much in the tech of today.