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RE:RE:25 year old tech

>I worked on a Z-80 based television product only just 10 years ago :-)
>Yes, the Z-80 is still quite popular in many embedded systems applications.

A posting about that TV set would be awesum. I've been looking at ways to add a whole extra platform to our existing hardware. (Can even accomplish picture in picture with 1960 style blue-screening) I imagine a zx spectrum more as worthy of having it's own card on my mainboard. But there is no need to go that cheap. If you could get this ball rolling you would be like the god of yahoo and go into the history books as teh fixer of teh internet web. So bare with us for a sec. lol

Now doesn't have to start with a whole os. An little onboard calculator that works would advance things beyond useless already. ghehe I cant be the only one who thinks a firmware chat client and mail notifier would be more stable as one running on this mad windows thing? You know exactly what I mean. Having a few of those strange buggy windows applications running means yahoo chat doesn't work. [period] Look for example at the gimp and flox. I say they both have really good excuses to be bugged. Nothing can run along side it properly. So, lets not pretend it ever will?

A yahoo video card with it's own (extra) monitor the size of a palmtop. Then can mouse into it and click one of those adds that rotate all day. You cant be missing the point of displaying advertising in my living 24/7 ?

It would make the hardware awkwardly cheap, would be easy to sell a range of good video cards that are cheaper JET hve enhanced-content. ghehehe

It could be that the keyboard and the mouse also have to be branded to in order to 100 bypass any windows behaviour. But those already cost next to nothing? It could fit into a network card just as well or have it replace both. ^_^ The smaller the YME is the more people will run it. Giving it a negative size and a negative price sounds all to positive to me.

If you still want to argue how impossible all this is imagine the first version to just have a yahoo intro displaying on top of the windows startup annoyance. We are still looking at BIOS fonts. It's a lot like slapstick? Later add the zx, the C= commodore 64 and the atari ST platforms.

enhanced content

lol, I just remembered we use to have invadeAload on C64. That was A game(space invaders) that runs as the pc is loading. Would be awesome at boot up! It would have "adds that can-not be clicked". Not annoying at all, would rual the web madly! If you put a few programs in the windows boot map it takes even longer to boot. Then finally can play some serious pacman at work.

music, pacman.... now only need to find an excuse to drink beer.

.....Anyway, thanks for the memories, it's nice to think I did something that so many people enjoyed.

Rich Aplin Invade-A-Load!

Godly code work + even better music. hehehe - I think of it each time I boot (read load) up my PC and see the BIOS font. Then have 2 wait 4 ever to get a desktop. :) The windows config doesn't even give me music-a-load. invade-a-load! was a great classic game a good loader and it had a fat tune. It replaced a redundant task with total coolness! (pain into pleasure if you like)

I remember the crack had the loader replaced to work with disk. I've never seen it but there was a version of X-copy with it. As it just loaded the chunk of game it allowed almost anything to be added. People would try any game as long as they could play invade-a-load.

The only bad thing about it was that it was a better game as most of the things it loaded hahaha

Thanks for making this. I've played it for days. :)