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Why the real Democracy stinks

Europe is becoming a strange place.

In 1980 European tech (Well at least the Dutch and the German) was about 40 years ahead of it's time.
Sure we had those primitive English peeps but they was districted like cows.

But now we have like a mixture of things that are 10 years ahead of time and things that are 25 years behind on the slowest of this worlds economies. A local call (within the Netherlands) is about as expensive as a normal dinner. Thats just great for business.

Dutch management is still by far the best on this planet but the way they still write everything down with a pen on a chunk of tree is a huge economic hazard.

We've always had lots of dumb and a hand full of reasonably intelligent people just like in the US. They don't have tribes of morons in Asia or Africa like we do. It all comes down to the few smart people with us western freaks of capitalism, we blind worshipers of democracy. hahaha

democracy is the happening of having morons run your life.

At least you Americans still have Dictator Bush, it's probably a good thing because our much more efficient, more democratic system of having the public opinion (public intellect) reverted onto the shape of government is not something one can desire. It's like being pushed down a hill in a shopping trolley by a group of brain-dead zombies arguing who needs to clean up afterwards. Democracy, it ends with retarded people explaining how-exactly other retarded people are wrong with neither knowing what a clue is.

We use to have enough smartness running around to get things done that way, but now the crowd is barely educated, immigrated or old. In Europe all people claim to know everything better(unlike me), in the us peeps like to run after each-other "I agree with him" (what ever it is). You use to have enough smart people to pull it off much like we use to.

Think of how stupid this sounds really: In democracy we give everyone one vote no Mather what they know. This one vote affects something every few years? - uhh? Yeah right!

Imagine running a business and doing a poll every 5 years. That would be so weird!

Now we give our 5 experts one vote each and the 75 cleaning staff get one vote to. Democracy has born!

Now we don't interpreted the data or compare it to the last poll. We just go with the bigger number.

Is there any sane move in this? Ehm? Democracy is a nice demo of something but it ain't it I think.

Trust me, I live in Europe. lol