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manned space travel or soap opera?

Sending people to space is not research, the only reason for sending live humans up there is because the public demands it. They are mostly not needed. Space has grown to be part of the entertainment sector. It means the real fans will be happy with what ever they get and the target audience is outside the group of people with an actual interest in the stuff. It's become A product, it's targeted at soap viewers and the average action hero.

Lets go to mars! WTF? We should finish our homework? Not waist our budget? We want space travel not some guys suffering in a container a few months. We need to find out how things work first. The budget is used to show we can keep humans like cows in space. Not alive but locked up?

It's a bit like Mozilla. hahaha Sending people to space is the goal of our space programs, the goal is not the research to do so. For Mozilla downloading is the goal, the goal is not the research to make firefox more useful.

I think general research is done in efficient amount if 80% of the results have no obvious use at all, 10% already had a use before it was researched and 10% only appeared to have a use after it was researched.

This blog posting was 10% expected to evaluate this kind of content and 90% of it's research value has no clear use at this moment. Later it will become something, what that something is I can not know.

So I figure we obtained that 10% we didn't know before we send peeps to space.

I figure we need an orbital probe factory that can launch a satellite every X hours then daisy chain our first grid. Can make it so that maximum 3 probes in a row can fail without disturbing the chain. We could even try to close the gaps as some of our thousands of probes will fail in the coming thousands of years.

We could create a chain of locations for resource storage like we put rabbits on an island in the VOC days. :) Then we have places to go with our maned mission. I think people would love to live some place where others travel by. Thats how most normal city's happened. :)

We are so close to building stuff on the ass of some asteroid but in stead we keep sending containers with humanoids to orbit and back. It's such a waist. lol

Who knows what the 10% we still have to find in space could mean to us? Clean energy? Meds? Cheap metals? Time travel? Remove gravity? Left overs from cultures gazillions of years ago? God? The holly grail?

We are still stuck in the fungi on this little drop of mud! At some stage our mud ball will smash into something and stop existing. We need to infect other planets and places! Maybe even dimensions. :)