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I never make accounts with "make money programs" but just for fun I've made an account with greenzap before they had any services. I just found the old link and just could not resist looking in the account, hihihi. I mean I've done a lot of nothing with the service for many days now. They should reward me, lol.

It had the most cute dashboard I've ever seen so they had me looking at the store. LOL, I was so impressed! I have like a chunk of "web money" in the account, I figure it's is probably worth a whole cent at max. But LOL, it looks like you get free money to go shopping. hahahaha online payments
With a GreenZap online payments account, you can send money to anyone. And once they open their account, they'll find a little something from us to get them started - $25 in FREE WebCash.

GreenZap online payments – Send and receive money online to or from anyone