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Junior advisors

In Europe the web is still being developed. In the same way we are 10 years ahead on some chapters the EU now is about 10 years behind on it's IT schedule.

I was looking for an easy way to show how basic the education is that our entrepreneurs lack. To do so, I was thinking of the self promotional factor of 12-16 year olds educating adults with seminars, classes, presentations anything! If a 12 year old kid can teach you things you should not have words to complain about it. Learn it on your own then? As in: "by your self"

I'm sure it would work, they would be so incredibly cheap compared to adults. That should be reason enough to talk about a service like this.
Wanna pay 20$ or 1000$ per consult?

I know some people want to argue that strange things don't get any extra attention. That view is so strange by it self that I want to spend some extra attention on it. Just to prove that argument sucks. There is nothing interesting about the ordinary. Being 14 years old means your retarded? For the really dumb adults: NO! I don't mean full time jobs for kids at all. I really cant wait for the next dumb argument against this idea *lol*. A surprisingly small number of adults could be considered more intelligent thanks to their age. Most adults are about 90% brain dead compared to their own young days.

Do smoking, crack,cocaine, drinking, Valium, fast food and being unemployed really make people smart?

Health care makes people really old, thats great but old people haven't got a clue about modern shit. The elderly are absolutely needed to make any kind of planning. But.. can anyone make a proper planning for times they wont live to see? Does it make sense to do so?

Anyway, my point is that kids do all of the innovation on this world. If we wait until they are old we could still obtain their idea but we don't get the creativity with it. I don't see any way to get this show on the road jet. I only try to look for a way it could work. :)