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muhahaha Google porn is live.

Google is also asking that merchants submit their own lists through its new Google Base, a searchable database of everything from school reports to job ads to pornography.
Holiday treasure hunt / Google provides shoppers local tips plus maps to stores

I don't think Yahoo had any idea what they risked by making a spin off like "my web".

I think it resulted in "my web" making popular. The google base looks to much like a my web spin off but it's still a compliment.

Betamax and video 2000 never had any kind of chance to beat porn on VHS. So this will be a winner. It's almost imposible to promote a porn site in a normal way. (withouth spam)

the Internet

What could be next? ? ? Ebay even chickend out on the guns.

I'm sure it would be great if we could contain those brands of thinking in some web wrapper. ghehehe

What is interesting is that google isn't promoting this service that much, I did read it's allowing webmasters to add content to it. I didn't find out how to do this jet so the post ends here. :)