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What the blog is going on?

Blogger has it's mobile blogging up and running for some time now, I didn't spot any blogs made with it jet but I do know this is the ULTIMATE blogging tool sins sitting here makes me want to write stuff about using my computer, thats on my mind because I sit here. By simply writing the post from random locations it's just impossible to stay in the computer topic.  A laptop would bring the mood back to a desktopish vibe because you have to set up the thing.  And going out with a digital camera makes me look for things to take pictures of. If the camera phone has a normal price I can forget about it and grow a real blog instinct...snap ... type . .. post... And it would have that swell improvisation thing to it. If it's cheap and easy it can be a great habit, I think a professional blog is to be a great resource of information it takes a lot of work and time, or should I say waists? I simply try to say that anyone can update 5 blogs twice per day in the mobile way.  If your trying to explain stuff in your blog it makes a great way to get to know you. Anything you can slap adds on is potentially worth money.

10 per day is over a million posts in 30 years. Think about that for a sec.Image