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Dutch firm takes on Icann with alternative Domain System

This is a typical case of Dutch comedy.

A Dutch firm has introduced a domain registration service that gives businesses and organisations more flexibility over the domain names they use. UnifiedRoot has extended the relatively short list of internet suffixes on offer through Icann's system by installing 13 internet domain name system (DNS) root servers across four continents. Dutch airport Schiphol is one of the company's first customers to use the £600 registration service, which also comes with £150 annual re-registration fee. As well as having the .schiphol top level domain name, the airport is also allowed to use additional web addresses such as flights.schiphol or parking.schiphol. Icann (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the main controller of domain names, although some countries resent the fact that it reports directly to the US government. At a UN-sponsored conference in Tunisia earlier this month, the US government successfully fought off attempts to water down its control of the internet.

To make sure that its domains are recognised by end-user computers, UnifiedRoot is striking deals with ISPs to enable the addresses to be reached.
Dutch firm takes on Icann with alternative Domain System

The first version of this product wasn't constructed properly and had a few security holes. Now that the company is solled and the whole planetary network is replaced there is nothing stopping this from working.

People have argued that it won't work because the whole world would need to addapt it. But I'm sure our ISP's will be happy to get payed to use this. :)

It's not so much that it should be taken out of American control. It needs to be a honest system, Americans shall benefit more as they could imagine from this. The lie cheat and spoof factor is a huge annoyance. The peeps who are buying all reasonable .com names obviously need to pay more as 6 bucks. Some own over a million domain names. A 600$ domain name at 150$ per year is to expensive to serve bullshit. 6$ per year on the other hand can be maintained with 60 page views per year.

I've requested pricing with a few strange domains parked at domain banks. A .com domain with 4 random numbers (like is worth 40 000$ in the opinion of the owners. 0228 just happens to be the area code where I live. It has no meaning to it's owner. It costs various thousands of €uros just for any reasonable .com variation.

The .com registration is full of fake ID's my untraceable owners. Ask yourself, does that make filling out your personal info as safe as you would find acceptable? Icann doesn't describe what the site is about. One can just change subjects as often as one pleases.

I personally cant wait for .google .yahoo and .digg domains to happen! How about it?