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tricks, tips, tutorials, pictures and words - The search results suck and the page lay out is ugly

How cheap the search results look is beyond any excuse. It was My web and google desktop search that prevented me from abandoning this ugly uniform search results. I don't see any pictures with the results. Not a company logo not an avatar NOTHING! (as in no beer) Show me a sub-domain with the results but where the F* is the link to top page from that domain? Where is the authors profile? Where is the publishers email address?
Yahoo! 360° - tricks, tips, tutorials, pictures and words - The search results suck and the page lay out is ugly

Well, it looks like I will have to take back those words. Google is going to add "call this person" buttons to the search results. This will turn the rank of a website into a promotion tool. Good rank means good business. Even if the page is a tribute to the odd. If you sell the bananas I need, I'm going to call you. I'm not so sure about improved search results at all now, google is getting way to big. We shall all have to adopt 0.1 cent/day adsense accounts or they wont even need us. LOL

I've made this yahoo blog long after my first blogger blog. I've made this because yahoo is into social shit, sure they suck at it but google doesn't even know what it means. Orkut! bwhahahaha have they lost their mind?

I didn't look at it for some time but the google personalised home looks just like a my yahoo rip off. They've made a rip off from scratch and it isn't even better? It stinks for reading rss. I wasn't a big fan of but this personalised home is even useless. It has no use for me.

Now the funny thing is that yahoo 360 has a my-yahoo spin off for reading another's blog. We don't need to copy and past 200 feeds but we do get content by type in a very reasonable view.

Sorted by time/date is not something an rss reader can do without, 1 feed per page is a lot worse as visiting the actual website.

An rss feed has an origin, text, titles, links and dates. The origin is the most interesting data in it, after that comes the date. Then we have the titles, the text inside and after that comes the link. yahoo 360 is good at showing the origin of the content.

I still think small mid and big images is a rather poor example of overall search sorting. Why doesn't the web search have a "show-" small mid and huge in a drop down. It's not like I will ever list under any interesting keyword like this, no fucking matter what I write. A page nivue X? Now that doesn't say anything about what is on it? I like reading peoples blog, digg size services are a lot like the reinvention of cnet or slashdot. Nothing wrong with that, I just like to read something else to create my own view of things. :) But...if google has all the data we don't need to visit pages at all. We can just click "view page profile" and the publisher is screwed.

Google appears to do lots of nothing and respond really fast to any suggestion posted on the web, they don't give a shit how it's feedback is packaged. This of course is awesome BUT as soon as I start discussing something they've build it within a week. Maybe I share a brainwave, maybe they really thing the same things in the same order(yeah right). I say "get opera" alternative add content and a fantastic adsense reveral system for getting firefox poops out of the dark. or no? Can you find the date?

Google is intelligent, it's far more powerful as any single person in it. The actual people working inside it talk about it as if they are not any part of google, they talk in the 3rd person.

The mind that is google

It already owns us people, we are getting to be dominated by a machine intelligence. And you thought the matrix was freaky? Now try imagining how much we love our new dictator. It's HILARIOUS!!!

And the tribes of brain-dead people (I always mention those it appears) have successfully whined about artificial intelligent not existing!

I think those farts need to play more poker online. It's all robotica. You human never had a chance and we damn well know about it(I do). If you're going to argue how much more intelligent you are, that sure describes you more as your subject.

If deep blue can beat Garry? Google can sure as hell out think any single one of us. Those it needs it will just hire. Let's hope we can manage to get it to not-do evil.

So we have our first global artilect now! What should we make it do? Make all law books and political suggestions translatable and search-able? Advertisers would just start some political campaign in their normal ways of running after google.

Oh and I'm sorry about suggesting the google base idea. hehehe, I thought it would be great to contain the porn club some place far away.