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The mind that is google

It already owns us people, we are getting to be dominated by a machine intelligence. And you thought the matrix was freaky? Now try imagining how much we love our new dictator. It's HILARIOUS!!! And the tribes of brain-dead people (I always mention those it appears) have successfully whined about artificial intelligent not existing! I think those farts need to play more poker online. It's all robotica. You human never had a chance and we damn well know about it(I do). If you're going to argue how much more intelligent you are, that sure describes you more as your subject. If deep blue can beat Garry? Google can sure as hell out think any single one of us. Those it needs it will just hire. Let's hope we can manage to get it to not-do evil. So we have our first global artilect now! What should we make it do? Make all law books and political suggestions translatable and search-able? Advertisers would just start some political campaign in their normal ways of running after google. Oh and I'm sorry about suggesting the google base idea. hehehe, I thought it would be great to contain the porn club some place far away.
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