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RE: RE: mad_goldfish - the rpg

I'm still digesting all the great ideas for the rpg.

I didn't want to write a poor story but it needs to be finished or at least continued. I was thinking of getting some user interaction going on but didn't find the right way to do that jet. Allowing suggestions on a dead end could work but wouldn't that make the adventure a lot less fun for the person making the suggestion? Then again, it beats having no updates (and my grammar - lol)

Some rss feed is a good idea, I couldn't offer the original cuz that would spoil things of course. Maybe rss comments would be nice to. Now have to find a way to automate empty rss. lol

This kind of reveals that rss should never contain anything. It's normal structure spoils the first impression of any read.

Maybe it can just be set to zero items or the feedburner can do this. ^_^

thanks for the tips.

-------------mad_goldfish wrote:

I think it's a nice idea. Can't see an RSS feed to keep me up to date on it, but that could just be me. I ended up trying to go to your house, and noticed that's not completed at the moment, so it would be nice to see (perhaps via RSS), when the options there were available. Also, as a blog, it might be cool to make it a bit more collaborative, allow people to post comments when they reach a dead end for ideas on what could happen behind each option. There was a brilliant BBC children's series that did that a few years ago, with Sylvester McCoy fresh out of Doctor Who presenting it, and it should have lasted longer.

Brings back some good memories though, I had a few of those books as a kid :-)