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text based rpg

I figure text based rpg could have a good future, IRC ruined it, we never had to type out "walk north" before the irc bots. It use to be press 1) for this 2) for that etc.

IRC did add a nice multiplayer flavour to it, I bet that could be done in a more dynamic way.

lol, now I'm trying to imagine what interaction with a book should look like.

-------------Trubblechuter wrote:

Nice job. Takes me back to the days of the Apple IIc and games like Zork and Hitchhiker's. Although the concept of the interactive text game is not new, this is the first time i've seen someone make one out of a blog.

I don't know about working *really* hard at it, but I'd keep it up. Too much work too fast, and you might burn out on it, but maybe a few interaction nodes a day would be cool.

Thanks for showing me. I was beginning to wonder if text-based RPGing was dead forever. :)